Donald Trump v.s. Joe Biden - Final Piece

Hello, my name is Luke. I am 18 and a mechanic. I'm excited for tomorrow's election because theres a chance Donald Trump could be knocked off of the stage for once. He has had 8 or so years in power, and he hasn't made America any greater. Some people may not vote because of age restrictions, citizenship, or they just don't feel like voting. But in my opinion, if they don't want to vote, that doesn't mean the can't! They should! For the change. Although, I don't consider my vote to be that important, 3 votes isn't too much in this campaign. Maybe 2 years ago, but not now. And if I ever tried to run for president, I'd 100% give up after starting my speech. Plus, I have other interests. I don't think the Democratic system is fair, because like I stated earlier, Donald promised a better America! But he just messed it up some more! If you agree with my point, then please, leave something down below. Lets help Joe make an even better America!

(Thank you for reading this final piece centered around the 2020 election.)

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  • katie.jpg Katie @ the BNC
    21 Oct 2020

    Hello corageous_studio, thank you for sharing your Final Piece! Just a quick fact check - has Donald Trump been in power for eight years? So far he has served one term as president, which is four years.

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