Does Donald Trump Have As Much Of A Good Chance Of Winning In This Election?

As we all know the election is nearer than ever and we all wonder who is going to win in this Election. In the last Election we saw Donald Trump truimphant but could things be different this time.

What did Trump do to make people turn against him?

The fact is that his record hasn't been spotless due to many reasons such as how he handled the pandemic and the way he dealed with the Black Lives matter movement; all of these reasons is why Donald Trump may have a lower probability of getting elected comapared to Joe Biden who has a higher chance of winning.Although many people still have faith in Donald Trump it isn't looking it is going to be an easy path for him.

Could Trump change the odds?

Anything can happen in the Us election but he needs to change his wrong actions pronto because he has no time left. First of all he needs to make a miraculas U turn when it comes to dealing with the pandemic; like getting a cure or finding a way he can stop the spread. Another thing he can do to increase his likelyhoods of winning is if he shows more compassion towards other races especially black people because he didn't even bat an eyelid when George Floyd got unfairly murdered just because of his skin-colour. The last and final thing is to do numerous meaningful rallies in swings states which will try to sway the chances of him winning. Apart from these things he will need to sit and wait and hope the public can put their trust on him.

My conclusion!

Personally I think Joe Biden will come out on top due to Donald Trumps lies and hurtful decisions that are hurting his chances of winning. I agree with the polls because many reliable news outlets are all saying the same identical things which makes me believe that Joe Biden really is in the driving seat to win. I am rooting for Joe Biden because I think his polocies are superb and can take America out of the stick situation that it's in. I am really buzzing for the election and am hoping that Joe Biden can pull it off. But in the meantime we need to stay put and hope for the best for the candidate that we are hoping to win.

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    30 Oct 2020

    Don't forget to check out the probabilities as we move up to election day - the best place is probably!

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  • Vishay Dodia.jpg EXPERT: Vishay Dodia, Deals Advisory Analyst @ KPMG
    12 Jan 2021

    Those are some terrific insights consistent_starfruit! I especially liked your views of Donald Trump's handling of the pandemic and protests. Do you have any specific policies of Joe Biden's that makes you want to vote for him?

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  • Michael-Faraday-logo-250x250.jpg consistent_starfruit | Michael Faraday School
    26 Jan 2021

    I take immigration as a very big topic. So hearing that Biden wants to demolish the Wall is one of the incentives that makes me as a voter want to vote for him. It is also because he is taking the future seriously. Cashing in trillions for climate change and Education. As a young pupil that is definitely a good move. In a whole anything but Trump is an improvement.

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