Do we really want another man as president?

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Before I start, pls don't get offended by anything I said as this is just my opinion, and if you dont agree with anything I said pls write it down in the comment so I can know what to add in my next post- Thank You!

In my opinion, I don't really like how we have had a lot of men as president because people that are in America are very offended by this and really wanna try and see if it will work if we had a woman as president. If I could I'm going to use an example Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton!

In 2016, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were running to become the prrsident of America.

Hillary clinton won the Election by earning over 65 million vote.

Sadly, Hillary Clinton didn't get that many vote in the Electoral College as to what Donald Trump got so Donald Trump got elected as president and he was very happy.

I really felt bad for Hillary Clinton but that how politics is and that how it got to be done!

So I think for America it would be really nice if they have a try, maybe in the next 4 years time they can try and elect a woman as president????

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