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Welcome to the Burnet News Club Hub!


This is your first session post. A session post contains most of the same activities and discussion questions that you'll take part in each week at school. If you a miss a session, you can catch up here! Or, if you would like to share the ideas that you heard in the classroom, you can head to the comments section below.


Ask a member of your household to think of their three favourite foods and tell you what they are. Afterwards, tell them whether you agree or disagree on them and why. Then discuss your other favourite things, such as animals, sports, countries to visit etc. Each time, try to explain why something is your favourite and why you like it.

  • How similar or different were your opinions?
  • If you both liked the same thing, what were your reasons for liking it? Were they the same?

In the Burnet News Club you will have differences and similarities with everybody. Sometimes, we'll have the same opinion about something but our reasons for our opinion might be very different. For example, your favourite sport might be basketball because you like playing on a team, whereas my favourite sport might be basketball because I'm very good at it. Our experiences give us a unique voice. In the BNC, we always consider different opinions on an issue and everyone's unique voice is important - we should respect the differences that have led to these.

  • With this in mind. What rules would you create for the Burnet News Club?


  • What is the news?

Watch this video and afterwards, answer the questions.

  • Where do you find the news?
  • What makes something hit the headlines?
  • Is all news equally important?
  • The way we receive news has changed. How?
  • What are some of the challenges with the news today?
  • Do you agree that “no news is good news”?
  • What’s the best place to find the news? What’s the worst place?


You'll be sharing your views here on the Hub. Watch this video for some top tips.

Are the following statements true or false?

  • You can write about anything at all on the Hub
  • There’s a leaderboard for when you show the BNC skills
  • You should be writing a lot more comments than posts
  • You can use real names on the Hub
  • There are loads of opportunities to gain rewards

Watch the video again to check your answers!

Over to you!

Head to the comments section below to share some of your thoughts on the activities and see what club members in other schools think. As it's week one, why not browse the homepage and see what else you can find?

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  • Lyons Hall Primary School open_meerkat | Lyons Hall Primary School A
    04 Sep 2020

    this really helped me start on burnetnewsclub

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  • Hammond School logo reflective_artic_fox | Hammond Junior School C
    04 Sep 2020

    Step 2-
    a. I find the news all around the world, but my fundamental receivers are technology and gossip.
    b. Certain stories that 'hit the headlines' are information that the majority of the county think its important. However, the case could sometimes be that you will find some controversial opinions that other people display as better news. For example, if there are 1,300 tennis supporters, and 1,700 football fans, then it is most likely that the headline would be passed on football.
    c. I believe that all news is equally important looking at it from a certain aspect of view. It is only how you give the news, and represent its importance, that makes it 'more important'. When you consider this point as an unbiased person, then you will probably agree that news is nearly only made to 'draw the crowd.'
    d. Over time, we have evolved. Yet our maturity and intellect have evolved too, making the tools and devices we use intelligent. we have gone from gossip to messengers to written news. But, in modern history, we have now created technology. With the swipe of finger, you can scroll up and down the latest articles. This gets more efficient for the public to know what is going on around them. Yet, as the news exists to satisfy or depress those who read it, some news could be rehearsed.
    e. Like my points in d, the news today is often made- up and fake. For example, the name, 'editors'. the dictionary definition of an editors is 'One who edits, especially as an occupation.' To edit means to modify or alter something, and on the news, editors check the main draft work and change it a little until satisfied. However, if an original story is fake, then even the editor will have to rework it completely. The case can also be that editors take a true story, and adapt it until it is hardly recognisable, yet enlightens the people who see it.
    f. I agree and disagree to this concept. The answer depends on the way you see the question. The phrase, 'no news is good news,' can imply that all of the news is bad, or not good. In this case, I disagree. But the actual definition of the phrase is that a lack of news and information can suggest that nothing bad has happened. For this point of view, I agree.
    g. The best place to find the news is at the scene itself. if you were there, and had witnessed the incident or celebration, you will find it hard to disagree with your eyes, unless you are having hallucinations. If you already know what happened, and the story on the news is the same, then it is most likely that it is true. The case can be that the news' opinion is different than yours, despite you being a spectator to it. You can apply your opinion against them if this occurs.

    Step 3-
    a. True (as long as a it is polite and is not off topic.
    b. True
    c. True (but it doesn't matter too much!)
    d. False (only use your BNC account names).
    e. True
    Thank you for reading my comment!

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    1. tom Tom @ the BNC
      reflective_artic_fox's comment 04 Sep 2020

      Thank you for these comments, reflective_arctic_fox. Remember that you may be studying these questions in your BNC sessions in the classroom. I noticed you say the news today is "often made up" - news can be inaccurate but if taken from a trusted source such as the BBC or a broadsheet newspaper it is going to be very thoroughly researched, so your statement seems a bit bold and needs some tweaking. Do you have any evidence for editors taking a true story and making it unrecognisable?

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    2. Hammond School logo protective_dusk | Hammond Junior School C
      reflective_artic_fox's comment 05 Sep 2020

      It was a good comment reflective_artic_fox! Well done!

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  • Hammond School logo protective_dusk | Hammond Junior School C
    05 Sep 2020

    I find the news on the internet [like I am doing right now] and on the TV. Something that would hit the headlines would have to be something that people would enjoy, and get their attention. For example, if a train derailed, and people were killed and hurt, it would get the crowds attention because they would want to know how it happened, and what damage it would do, but if it was something like a tree fell down in the woods, and it didn't hurt anybody, they wouldn't worry about it! I personally think all news is important because people need to know what is going on around the world, but if there wasn't any news, how would people know what was happening? It could be something important that everybody needs to know about. Now that people have TV, radio, and social media people can just press a button, and they are there, but before all of these electronic devices were invented, people would have to post the news, or read it to people. I think no news is good and bad news. I think it is good news because there wouldn't be anything dangerous going on, so you be fine, but it is also bad news because something bad could be happening and we need to stop that. I think the best place to find the news is on the TV because people actually read it and are serious about it. I think Social Media is the worst place to find it though.

    False. You are only aloud to right about the topic, not something else.
    True. There is one, and you can get rewards for it.
    True. But you can right posts aswell, just more comments.
    False. You can't because it is dangerous.
    True. You just need to work hard, and try your best!

    Thank you for reading my comment!

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  • Hammond School logo hopeful_deer | Hammond Junior School C
    07 Sep 2020

    I thank you are a brilliant women because you have the most important thing is that you work so hard and a brilliant idea what to say on the video thank you for reading my comment

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  • Hammond School logo analytical_sea | Hammond Junior School F
    08 Sep 2020

    Hello! I can't wait to start Burnet News Club!

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  • Hammond School logo crafty_papaya | Hammond Junior School D
    18 Sep 2020

    I can’t think of a topic that nobody has done and when I do it gets taken down anyway!

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    1. Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ the BNC
      crafty_papaya's comment 18 Sep 2020

      Then posts aren't the answer for now! Head to the comments section and add your ideas there, they are just as likely to win stars and gain replies!

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      1. Boutcher-logo-250x250.jpg terrific_raccoon | Boutcher C of E Primary School A
        Olivia @ the BNC's comment 30 Sep 2020

        I really want a star so I’ll try do more commenting to get a star

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  • Hammond School logo hopeful_deer | Hammond Junior School C
    11 Dec 2020

    I can't wait to be on burnet news club!!!

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