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Thank you to everyone who completed our News Knowledge quiz (you can still have a go!)

We said we would publish some of the best longer answers in a special post, and here it is! We chose the ones below for their accuracy of knowledge and quality of reasons.

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Q: What do you know about coronavirus? Can you explain what has happened and what the effect has been?

A: The coronavirus pandemic started in Wuhan, China where a disease started to kill people. At this point it wasn't the biggest news story in Europe. When people from Europe travelled to China and back some had caught the disease and spread it in Europe. It started off as less than 10 and became a big news story. It spreaded quickly and so soon after schools and restaurants closed down and it has affected us all in the negative sense but for some it has started new relationships with neighbours and even family! Now we have left lockdown but keep the social distancing rules and the government's advice. outspoken_planet

A: Coronavirus is a pandemic that has spread across the world and has affected a lot of people. It has caused people to where mask, social distance, wash hands for 20 seconds and more. It made dozens of people to die and many people are in the hospital right now because of it. inspired_petal

Q: Is social media a good way to find the news? What do you think? Can you explain why?

A: I'm not sure because people can edit the news through social networks but sometimes they are just writing their opinion. spirited_insect

A: I don't think social media is a good way to find news because anybody can post anything on it. So some news might not be true and it is not good to get the wrong news. sincere_atom

Q: Why do you think some people share news stories that aren't true (it's sometimes called "fake news")?

A: Some people share stories that aren't true so they can either scare or make the news sound worse than it already does formally known as exaggerating. passionate_lime

Q: Can you think of two stories in the news about power? Or two stories in the news about justice? If so, explain what the stories are and how they both show either power of justice.

A: In the USA, George Floyd was killed by police officers. Many African Americans, as well as many other people around the world are asking for justice because Floyd's death could have been avoided and they are denouncing the abuse of power of racist police officers. Donald Trump is the President of the USA. He has a lot of power and wishes to keep it by being re-elected. anonymous

A: The American election stories in the news are about not a lot of justice for citizens of America as their vote for president isn't necessarily the final decision. Another recent story about unfair justice is the Black Lives Matter stories. They are about police brutality and black people not being treated as fairly as white people, hardworking_introduction

Q: Can you give an example of a news story and explain how it links to a subject in school?

A: The coronavirus pandemic links to economics because the lockdown has led to many economic problems with companies like shops and restaurants being forced to close down and millions of people losing their jobs. It also raises the question of economy versus health: if people don't go back to work, the economy will fail; but if people go back to work, they risk getting infected by the virus. anonymous

A: Yes, coronavirus links to biology as it is about the systems eg circulatory, appreciative_hurricane

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