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The Burnet News Club gives you a chance to ask questions of experts on the American election, and this term is no different!

WE AWARD STARS FOR THE BEST QUESTIONS ABOUT THE AMERICAN ELECTION - asking fantastic questions and listening to an expert's view are great examples of how to earn stars for our speaking and listening skills. We then pick 5 questions for each expert and publish their answers for you to see (see an example here!).

They each know a lot about different things to do with the American election, so read their descriptions carefully before you write your questions.

At the bottom of this page, write who your questions are for and what you would like to ask.

Reggie Love (on the right) was special assistant to President Barack Obama between 2007-11. This means he rarely left President Obama's side - both during his election campaign and in The White House. His job is known as the "body man". He took care of everything - paperwork, speech cards, mobile phones, and even snacks! You might want to ask Reggie about what its like to be involved in a presidential race.

Photo of Reggie Love fist-bumping with President Obama courtesy of Barack Obama Presidential Library.

Commissioner Ellen Weintraub and Chairman James E. Trainor III - who help lead the Federal Election Commission (FEC). This means they are in charge of the rules on how money is spent during election campaigns (and to make sure no one bends the rules). Commissioner Weintraub represents the Democratic party, and Chairman Trainor represents the Republican party.

Watch Ellen on the news below after she responded to President Trump's suggestion that there was voter fraud affecting this election:

Adam Roberts is a journalist for The Economist. He specialises in American politics and so he's a great person to answer your questions about the latest news from America, and what it's like to write about the election for a newspaper.

Anita McBride's work in the White House spans two decades and three presidents! She was assistant to President George W. Bush and chief of staff to First Lady Laura Bush and worked on a number of projects that Mrs. Bush was involved with such as human rights, women’s empowerment and global health. She will be very happy to answer questions about working to help the president's spouse (husband/wife/partner) create change.

We are also asking questions to fact-checker Angie Drobnic Holan - and have made it this week's competition!

Add your questions below using this structure:

I would like to ask... (add the expert's name and then your question!)

e.g. I would like to ask Adam Roberts how he keeps up-to-date with all the twists and turns during the election race.

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