An interview with an American citizen

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Name: Amy Clarice

Age: 21

Occupation: sports teacher at Hardbrook collage

What maters to me in the up election?

The thing that maters to me most is payment polices and more equipment for schools to make it as fun as possible but still educational.

How many votes is my state worth?

I live in calafornia and my state is worth 32 electoral votes.

How dose my state usally vote :

My state usually votes democrat which Joe Biden

How do plan to vote ?

I plan to vote Joe Biden as he promised todo more for schools and try to stop climate change.

How powerful do I think my vote is ?

not powerful----------------------------------------------------x--- very powerful

Hello my name is Amy Clarice I am 21 and am a sports teacher for hardbrook collage in California.

For tomorrows election I am nervous as Trump could get more electrol votes again and win but exited as everyone has seen what trump has done , I am sure that the people of USA woul do anything to get rid of Trump .

I think that some pepole might not vote as some people think that their one vote will not make a difference it who knows it could . But also age some people might not vote because of their age but they probaly would if they could

I think my vote is fairly powerful as my state is worth32 electoral votes and most people in California vote for Biden so I think that I have a good enough chance .

I think that people should vote as there are some people out there who pay for school supplies as they do not have enough money . Also with a new president there could be new rules and life made better.

Thankyou for reading I hope you enjoyed it magical_clarinet

:) :)

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