An interview with an American citizen

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Name : Betty Owl

Age : 20

Occupation : Teacher

What matters to you in the upcoming election?


How many electoral votes is the state you live in worth?


How does you state usually vote?

Swing state

Who do you plan to vote for?

Joe Biden

Could you be president yourself one day?


How powerful do you think your vote is?

Not powerful --------------------------X-------- Very Powerful

"Can you tell me a bit about yourself?"

"Hi I'm Betty Owl and I live in Illinois which has 20 Electoral College points. I am 20 and I am a teacher and strongly care about education for children."

"How do you feel about tomorrow's election?"

"I feel exhilarated and nervous because my future is with this president and I want my future and president to be good,"

"Can you explain why some people might not vote?"

"Some people may not vote because they might not have a sturdy opinon of who they would vote for or it might be ,especially for states that normally vote for the same people, that they don't think their vote would change the results."

"How powerful do you think your vote is?"

"Very powerful, since I live in a swing state the result could be anything and I feel my vote would help my state, one minute the result could be the Republicans next it could be Democrats."

" Why should people vote tomorrow?"

" People should vote tomorrow cause your vote counts, in 2016 only 55.5% of citizens voted, if the other 44.5% would have voted the results would have been so different."

"Would you run for president?"

"No I wouldn't. I love my job and the children bring me joy and I have never felt like that before, I don't have the experience and training. I am not wealthy and I think a president needs money to help the country be better than it has ever been,"

"How do you feel about the American voting system?"

"I think it's a bit strange,why would we do the singular vote when it doesn't count why don't we do the electoral votes first if that's the final result. I think the electoral votes are unfair because Rhode Island has 4 electoral points and Illinois has 20 points, even though there is a difference in population I think they should be the same amount if points.

"Why are you voting for Joe Biden?"

" Joe Biden is going to change America in a good way, he is going to pay teachers like me more and he is going to buy us more resources. He will improve higher education with a $750 billion plan. University might even be free to some students."


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