An interview with an American citizen

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Hello my name is bold _cello and I hope you like my post.

My character:

Name-Jack Sparow


occupation- Basketball player

What matters to you in the up and coming Election?the enconmy

How powerful do you feel your vote

not powerful-------------------------------x-----powerful

can you tell me a bit about yourself

Hello ,my name is jack sparrow I am 19 years old and I am a basketball player.I care about the enconmy.

How do You feel about the eletoon tomorrow

I feel excited about the election because it will be amazing to watch.

can you explain why some people vote?

I think some people don't vote because of there states don't have much electoral votes

How powerful do you think your vote is?

I think my vote is powerful because the state that I live in has 55 electoral votes so my vote will effect more.

Why should people vote tomorrow

I think people should vote because of change and to get their saying

How do you feel about the American voting system

I think that the democratic system is unfair because everyone should be listended to.

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