An interview with an American citizen

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hello my name is good_sparon and I hope yo enjoy my final peace of a interview of a American citizen.

my character:

Name: Emma rose

age: 22

job: librarian

What matters to you in the upcoming election?

that all votes are fare and that the people that can vote youses there votes wisely.

how many electoral votes is the state you live in?

35 electoral votes

how does your state usually vote?

the swing state

who do you plan to vote for?

donald trump

how powerful do you feel your vote is?

not powerful-------------------------------------------------------------------------------xnot powerful

can you telll use a little bit about youself?

hello my name is Emma rose and I'm a librarian and I'm 22

how do you feel about tomorrow's election?

i feel exited,happy and amazed

some people mite not vote because citizenship age accessibility electoral votes?

Because pepole mite not be old anufe

I think my vote is so powerful because my voted are 35

pepole should people vote tomorrow ?

because even though your vote is not much it can still make a differents.

how do you feel about the voting system in America?

very fair and complicated but it is what it is.

my concusion

in my opinion is that Joe Biden is better even though he's not as rich as Donald trump.

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