An interview with a Amrecan citizen

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Hello my name is earnest_market and this is my final peace of this term about the American election on Burnet News Club.

My character:


Amaya polly




sports teacher

Where I live :

I live in TexIs

What matters to you in the election :

what matters is that joe Biden wins in the election

how many electoral wotes is your state worth :


what does your state normally votes for :

swing state

who do you plan to vote for :

I plan to vote for Joe Biden

Not powerful---------------------------------x-----Very powerful

Hello my name is Amaya and I am 22 my favourit thing to do is sport that is why it is my job and I live in Texas and the school that I work at is called Hammond junior school .

How do you feel about the upcoming election :

i feel nervous and excited to see who wins .

Tell me something why some people don't vote :

My sister can't wote because she is only 13 and she has only lived in America for 4 years

How powerful do you think your vote is :I think my vote is very powerful

Why should people vote tomorrow: people should because of th change of democracy

I think the democratic system is fair because we all vote at the end of the day and they all vote .

My opinion:

I think that the American way of voting is unfair because not all votes are equal.

i think that people should vote because at the end of the day it is power which they should use. people vote for this person and the other vote for the other person and then they all get added up the they decided who won the election .

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