An American Citizen's view on politics

Name: Richard Peters

Age: 36

State: Kansas City

Voting For: TRUMP 2020

We have recently interviewed a 36 year-old man about how he is handling the upcoming Election Day. Down below is one of the many conversations we had.

Questions we asked:

  • Who are you voting for?
  • Why are you voting for him?
  • Does your family agree with your decision?
  • Are you and your family voting for diffrent people?
  • Do you usually vote in elections?

Me:" so Richard, as you know we have invited you in to talk about the upcoming election. If you don't mind sharing who will you be voting for?"

Richard: " Before we start i'd like to thank you for inviting me in, it's and honour. I am planning on voting Donald Trump because I agree with all of his views. Safe to say he persuaded me, good skills that man has!"

Me: " Ok Thank you! My next question would be why you were voting for him but you have clearly answered that already, So does your family agree with your decision to vote trump and who are they voting for. Do you all vote the same?"

Richard:" My children are to young to vote, I believe they should be atleast 21 before they vote responsibly. My wife is also voting Trump as she believes he is a great rolemodel!"

Me: " Thank you, glad to hear your family are supportive! My final question is do you vote in every election?"

Richard: " Normally I try to avoid voting as i hate making decisions, but 1 day i was watching the news and something about Trump rally's came on. Me and my wife (whilst my children were at school) got in the car and drove to our local park, hundreds of people scattered shouting "TRUMP 2020". This persuaded me and my wife to vote in this up coming election."

Note: This interview is made up, This is not my personal view i just wanted to do a Pro-Choice storyline

Thank you for reading!

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