An American citizen being interviewed

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.My name is Elon musk I am 48 years old I'm a judge and what matters to me in the american election is that joe biden wins in electoral votes. Electoral votes are more important than popular votes.

.The state that I live in is worth 31 electoral votes.

.My state usually votes democrat

.I plan to vote for joe Biden

.I feel my vote on a scale of 1 to 10 is 3.

.I'm Elon musk I would like Joe Biden to win as I think he would help the future of America.

.I feel nervous to see what the votes will be and if Joe Biden loses.

.I think my vote is not very powerful becuase my state has a lot of electoral votes.

.People should vote tomorrow becuase it will make a change.

.I think the democratic system is fair because it helps America.

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