American Election Interview

Interviewer: What is your name?

Heg Ratchet: Hello, my name is Heg Ratchet

Interveiwer: How do you feel about this election?

Heg Ratchet: I feel very happy because I think Joe Biden will be elected.

Interviewer: Why would some people not vote?

Heg Ratchet: Some people will not vote because they are underaged,not interested or they think there vote is not worth anything.

Why do you think people should vote?

Heg Ratchet: I think everyone should vote becasue every vote counts.

Interviewer: Do you think the Republican system is unfair and why do you think that way?

Heg Ratchet: I think the Republican system is unfair because first of all there are 2 votes, the normal vote and the state vote. So let’s say Biden won the normal vote he is happy, and so am I but then the state vote comes in and Trump wins even though even though Biden won the first vote, how unfair is that! Furthermore, you can’t even get to the post office you can only submit your vote if you are early enough!

Interviewer: Will you run for President one day?

Heg Ratchet: I will run for president because as you already know I am Heg Ratchet and everyone loves me right!? I am very important because I am a World Wide Sensation also known as the WWS. I have a whopping 1,000,000 supporters and they include:

My mum and dad


and a load of other people who I don't know!

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