American Election Interview

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My character

name: Elizabeth Gillies

age: 28 and 1/2

occupation: singer

concerned about: education

how important you think your vote is:

not important————————————-x————————————very important

The Interview

Hello, you are?

Elizabeth Gillies.

Who Are you going to vote for?

Hm, I think Joe Biden.

Interesting choice. Now, how do you feel about the election?

Well, in all honesty, excited because we might get a new president.

Hmmm, great answer. Next question, why should people vote, tell me your opinion?

They should be excited for a new president, or we could keep Mr.Trump. And also, they should be interested in democracy

Wow, you are passionate about the election?

Yes, I believe strongly in Biden, not so much Trump.

Ok, and why is that?

Well, he is trying to build a wall to separate America from Mexico- if anything, I think we should be re-uniting everyone, not separating them.

Ok, what about the presidentcy. Could you run for president one day?

Well, it depends how you think about it. If I had a choice and good reasons for people to vote for me, yes. But if I tried to become president just beacause I wanted to, nobody would vote for me.

Excellent decision, Elizabeth. Now, next question. How do you feel about the voting system in America?

I think it’s good because the age when you can vote in good and sensible; you have to be 18 or over to vote. But there is one thing I would change, the rule about criminal records. If you have been in prison, you shouldn’t be able to vote or become president. There, that is what I think.

Thankyou, Miss Gillies, for sharing your opinion.

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