American Election - Final Piece

Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

Hello, my name is Comala Lee and I am 33 years old. I am a zoo-keeper and l started my job in 2012 so l have been here for 8 years. Before I was doing that job on a Saturday and Sunday I was working as a waitress in a posh restaurant. I got $10 every hour and that is quite a lot for a waitress that works 8 hours per day and so I got $80. I always thought I got a lot of money because I was the best of all of the waitresses! I live in Montana and l am half American and half Welsh. My state is an incredible place because it is hot and there are immense oceans with amazing food. However, sometimes l feel that when I vote my vote doesn’t count because my state is only worth 3 points. I always vote for Trump because he is a good man. Although once l voted for Biden and he didn’t do anything I wanted. I think Trump will make America great again!

How do you feel about tomorrow's election?

I am really excited about tomorrow's election because l am pretty sure that Trump will win even though people think he isn’t telling the truth about anything. I wish that I could afford to fly to California and be in a bigger state that is worth many, many more points than Montana. But if l did go there and l couldn't persuade anyone else to vote for Trump instead of Biden then my vote won't really count as much because I would be the only one voting Trump and l would feel left out. The reason why is because California is worth 55 points l would feel like the odd one out because I would be one of the only one voting for Trump.

I think making policies on climate change would be a good goal for Trump although, to be honest, climate change is only a problem if l am alive and not in the future. On the other hand, l find the election quite boring because it takes a long time to know who will become President. I wonder what the White House is like inside? I bet it is really posh and really grand because a lot of Presidents have lived there after winning the election and then get to stay there for 4 years. Did you know that each new President is allowed to decorate their apartments however they want but not the rest of the White House?

Why should people vote tomorrow?

I think that people should vote tomorrow because even if your state isn’t worth much (like mine) you should always vote because you can. You should always take the opportunity to have your say. Also it only happens once every 4 years so it is not very often and if you don’t vote you could be stuck with a candidate you don’t like for 4 years. Even one tiny vote could help your favourite candidate to win. For example, if the same candidates have the same number of votes, and you are just about to put your vote in the box, that would mean your favourite candidate would win and be President for four years! Also what happens if you don't vote because you don't like them both and one of them wins and you realize this candidate is even worse than the other one but you still have 3 years to go with that candidate. If you had done your research into both candidates beforehand, you would have known this and you could have voted!

How powerful do you think your vote is?

I think my vote isn’t very powerful because l live in Montana and it is only worth 3 points (like I said before). We usually vote Republican in our state because most people think that the Republican candidate will do well as president and listen to his fellow people. Although, as our state isn’t worth many points Trump doesn’t need us as much as he needs the swing states, for example: Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, Maine and Pennsylavania, etc. It also makes me feel a bit left out because Trump doesn’t come here to campaign as much and hold rallies whereas he does go to the swing states. Sometimes this makes it seem as if we don’t matter as much.

Can you explain why some people might not vote?

People might not vote because they are lazy and don’t care about who wins and will run the country. Or maybe their local voting station could be closed and they aren’t able to vote. You also could be under 18 and the law says you aren’t allowed to vote as you might not know anything about politics (but I know some teenagers and when I talk to them about politics they sometimes know a lot, follow politics all the time and are intelligent). You could be in a hospital and it is hard for you to vote. Or you could be disabled and not be able to get up the polling stairs unless someone carries you up them. And you might just not want to vote because you don't know who to choose or because you dislike both of them. Or perhaps you like them both and still don't know who to choose.

What about the presidency. Would you ever run for president? Why?

I would love to run for presidency because, like Trump, l’d do whatever I wanted and no one could stop me. Also I would like to live in the White House as it is so big and my servants would do everything for me and I could decorate it however I wanted! Although, do you think that they would let my dog into the White House if I was elected? I would be so happy if they did allow dogs because otherwise I would have to give him away and I would hate that so much. And I bet you get a humongous amount of food and snacks whenever you want. I heard that Trump eats cheeseburgers every night. It would be amazing. Also I wouldn’t care about what the voters thought or said about me or if they don't like my decisions or my laws because I would be their ruler. I would be more powerful than anyone else in the world and that means everyone has to go with what I am saying and if they don’t they would be in big trouble. So I can't wait for when I am 35 because I am only 33 and you have to be 35 to be able to be President.

How do you feel about the voting system in America?

I think that the Democratic voting system is unfair because the states that normally vote for the Democrats have a much higher point score, for example, California is really high (it is worth 55 points) and it is a Democratic state. I wonder who will be President this time? But although I feel our voting system isn’t always right I think that Trump is dealing with it really well and is trying to make everything fair. I also think that the Democrat voters are mixing the votes up and making their side have more votes and that is why Biden is in the lead right now. I think that there is always room to improve our voting system. This includes: maybe doing it online and using a modern calculator that you know you will get everything right. As well I think the counting should be a lot quicker so that we know who will be President immediately instead of having to wait.

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    13 Nov 2020

    A very descriptive Final Piece, and I can imagine your character being curious about all these questions - I imagine they'd love a tour of The White House if they ever got the chance!

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  • Boutcher-logo-250x250.jpg loyal_beetle | Boutcher C of E Primary School A
    15 Nov 2020

    Thanks ever so much, Tom. It was quite interesting pretending to be a Trump supporter and I am really looking forward to learning about the Future of Work.

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