American Election - Final Piece

Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

Hello I’m Christine Smith and I am 20 years old. I am a student in a University, I go to a University in America, North Carolina. In my opinion, education is very important to me as I am a student and it is very interesting for me in this year's election. (2020)

How do you feel about tomorrow's election?

For me, I feel very excited because I get the chance to let my voice be heard and share my thoughts and opinions! At the same time, I feel worried as I don't know if my vote will change America. Even though I might feel worried, I'll know that my voice is as important as everyone else. It is intense, as I want who I am voting for to win the election!

Why should people vote tomorrow?

People should vote tomorrow because their policies get to be shared with the world. Their small vote could make a big change and whichever candidate they would like to vote for may become president because of them. If people do not vote tomorrow and they both get the same electoral votes, the person who didn’t vote made the votes the same just because he/she did not vote.

How powerful do you think your vote is?

Even though every vote counts, I think my vote is just a little bit powerful as there are many other people in the USA that could vote and have voted for a different candidate I have voted for. If I lived in a state which is worth 55 points, I would think that my vote is more powerful than others however if I lived in a state worth 15 points, I wouldn't think my vote is more powerful than other people.

Can you explain why some people might not vote?

Some people might not vote because they might not be a citizen, they are underage or they cannot be bothered. Some people also may not have access to a place where you could vote. I think people mostly do not vote if they are either not 18 or they are not interested in voting. You might be scared to vote because in countries like Australia you have to have a good reason on why you vote for that candidate.

What about the presidency? Would you ever run for president? Why?

I would run for president because I think I might be powerful enough and make America a better place. Politics really interests me and if I get a chance to be president one day, America would be a good country again. I think that I will have more power over people and I get to be a good leader to other people.

How do you feel about the voting system in America?

I think the democratic system is confusing to some immigrants as they are not used to the voting system but it may be easy for citizens. In my own opinion, I think it’s unfair because people may not have chosen to live in a state worth a lower amount of points. It’s unfair again because I don’t think electoral votes should count as whoever gets voted the most should be president (the popular vote). Like a person in Montana may not feel so happy if their state is not worth loads.

Who do you vote for? Why?

I vote for Joe Biden because he doesn't want a wall between countries, which could cause peace between countries and wants to give teachers more money for their effort in teaching students. Racism is a huge problem in America, ever since Trump was the president of The USA. We all trusted Trump to make America great again, but sadly, he disappointed us. Now, we should make the right decision by trusting Biden the same way we trusted Trump to make America a better place.

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