American Election

How did you use each of the news-literacy skills during this Issue: speaking, listening, creativity and problem-solving?

Which of these skills is the most important for a president to have? I think the most important skill to have is creativity because if your creative then you can be creative for the election so more people will vote for you.

What would you ask an expert on this topic? I would ask an expert what do the election candidates do to prepare for the election?

What do you think about the electoral system in America? Why? I think it's unfair and confusing because if one candidate gets the most votes and the other candidate gets the most electoral votes than the person with the most electoral votes will win and become president.

How are your opinions about the American electoral system similar or different to other people you have spoken to? They are similar because the people that I have spoken to think joe Biden should be president because Donald Trump wants to build a wall but joe Biden wants to take the wall down between America and Mexico so they are allowed to go there when they want.

Do you have any other ideas about how America could choose their president I think they should choose it how we choose our prime minister so it is not confusing and unfair because the person with the most electoral votes wins and that is unfair because the person with the most actual votes should win and become presiden.

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