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Name : Jenny Walters

Age : 26

Occupation : Teacher

What matters to you in the upcoming election? : School and Education

How many electoral votes is the state you live in worth? : 15

How does your state usually vote? : Swing state

Who do you plan to vote for ? : Joe Biden

Could you be the president yourself one day? : No

How powerful do you feel your vote is?

Not powerful————x——————-Very powerful

Can you tell me a bit about yourself? Hello I’m Jenny Walters And I’m 26 years old I am a teacher and I love my job. I live in California in a 2 story house, I have 4 kids also I have a husband I am happily married and I love life.

How do you feel about tommrow‘s election? I feel quite excited but I’m going to be in a mood if Donald trump wins but I guess we’re going to see when the votes come in and it gets decided who’s going be president. I hope the best for Joe Biden and I hope he does win when the votes come.

Can an you explain why some people might not vote? Some people might not vote because you need to be eighteen or over to vote and some people might not be eighteen and still want to vote, also there will be some electoral votes in some states and some people might not be interested in voting.

How powerful do you think your vote is? I don’t think my vote is very very powerful but it might be powerful but not as powerful but I definitely don’t think that my vote is not powerful.

Why should people vote tommrow? People should vote tommrow because it could change alot of things and a lot of people’s life’s if they voted for Joe Biden or Donald Trump.

What about the presidency. Would you ever run for president? Why? I would run for president beause some people could dislike you and it would a lot of hard work to keep on running the country America

How do you feel about the voting system in America? I think it’s fair I just think the age should be lower for an example maybe 16 or 17 because it is old enough and people would not be immature about it and I think i would go well.

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