American Election

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My character

Name:Evie rock



what matters to you in the upcoming Election?: Education

How many electoral votes is there in the state you live in worth ?:15

how does your state usually vote : republican

who do you plan to vote for : joe Biden

could you be presedent : no

How do you feel bout tomorrow’s Election: nervous

Can u explain why some people might not vote ?

some people might not vote because they don’t mind who is presedent but if u are a teacher like me u would want joe Biden cause he Is helping schools out a lot

I hope joe Biden wins the vote because then people will learn quicker and it will just helpp a lot to school and also he said he would give a raise to all the teachers .

what age do you think age people should Be to vote ?

i think people should be ove 18 because some people will not have full resposibilites


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