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My character

Name: Carl Diago

Age: 20

Occupation: Inventor

What maters to you in the upcoming election: That children get better education because he has two children.

How many electoral votes is your state worth: 55

How does your state usually vote: Swing State

who do you plan to vote for: Joe Biden

Could you be president your self one day: Yes because he believes in himself

How powerful do you feel your vote is:


Can you explain why some people might not vote: Because people might not want to vote and overs might be to young .

How Powerful do you feel your vote is: Very Powerful.

Why should people vote tomorrow: because if they don’t the person they want to win might not win.

How do you feel about the american voting system

How do you feel about the presidency. Would you ever run for president and why: Yes because I think I would make a great president.

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