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Reporter: what is your name and age?

Kie: my name is kie and my age is 52.

Reporter: can you tell me a bit about yourself?

Kie: of course I would be happy to. I live in New York City and my occupation is a chef also I really don’t like Donald trump.

Reporter:very interesting umm mister Kie! now can you tell me about the election?

Kie: I don’t know much but I know a few things about donald trump:

  • he doesn’t believe in climate change
  • he hates children
  • he hates spending money to help the hospital

Also he’s bad news.

Reporter: wow! Ok Then who did you vote for?

Kie:I voted for Joe Biden because everyone needs a chance to be president but not like Donald Trump keeps being president every year and doesn’t even care for everyone and everyone‘s feeling only himself

Reporter: oh ok mister kie thank you for your time and have a great afternoon

Kie: you too. and please don’t vote for Donald Trump instead vote for Joe Biden

Reporter: I will,I will

writen by steady_fern

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