American citizen interview

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Hello I am called shy_wombat this is my American interview FINAL PIECE .

Name Deago Povlini

age 21

job tennis

worry too little migration

electorial votes 29

state vote Deamocratic

vote Joe Biden


can you tell us a bit about your self

hello i am called Deago Povlini i am 21 and I am a part time tennis player

How do you fell about the election

I feel excited yet nervous I feel good for a change. Nervous because It can change for the worst.

can you explain why some people wont vote?

some people just don't want change or they find both candidates annoying and don't understand their policies.

how powerful do you think your vote is ?

I find it's quite powerful because Florida has 29 electorial votes if I make a difference it will be brilliant.

how do you feel about the American sistem for voting ?

I feel quite good about it because my vote counts, but when your new to the system it is so confusing.

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