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Hello im Jerry im 20.I have a job as an engineer and no children. My matter is climate change I fell nervous about the election

should people vote

people should vote because ever single vote counts no matter what

Can all people vote

Yes and no. some people might vote vote becaus, not 18 or just don't know who to vote. People can vote if over 18

Do you think your vote is powerfull

On a scale i think is is ----------------------x----------- I fell my vote is pretty powerfull. Every one counts

Do you think you can run president

I think I can't run for president because of my interests and my wealth. because I'm trying to make cars have less carbon dioxide released from cars

How do you fell about the democracy

I think the democratic system is a bit confusing because of, age and having to be born in America it's just confusing

thats all I have by

from practial tree

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