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My character

name : lilly-may

age : 20

ocupation : cafe waiter

upcoming election : to stop killing animals

electrocal votes : 3

usully vote : swing state

plan to vote ? : Joe Biden

presand one day : no

how powerful is your vote : ----x-----------------------

interview :

about yourself : my names lilly-may I am 20 years old i am a cafe worker, I hope for joe Biden to win because I think he has really good ideas, I think if donald trump win it will be unfair because there will babe no charge and I want change, I hope joe Biden wins

how do you feel about tomorrows election? : I'm kinda nervous and exited because I know my vote won't mean much to pleople, but I guess I will still try , people will probably not see my vote as much but I really want Joe Biden to win bec I want change

why do some poeple not vote : some people are just not interested , or some people are just to young , people can not be interested in voting they might not think it's not important for them , it is important for some people

how powerful is your vote : my vote is not important to people , I'm just a cafe worker so I'm not that important, I dint think people will notice my vote

why should people vote tomorrow? : if you don't vote you might not get noticed, if you vote you have a tiny chance of getting noticed so if you vote you might get noticed

would you want to vote for presented : i never want to run for president I don't have the power I don't have a lot of power to be president

how do you feel about tomorrows vote? : I'm exited and nervous I'm nervous because I feel like I won't get noticed, I'm exited to vote if i do get noticed, but I won't get noticed that much I'm not that important when it comes to voting but I guess every vote will count.

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