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I hey, I'm Enchanted_Badger, I hope u like my post! This is my final piece, this Is is my Characters interview!

My carachter:

name:Milo Lime


occupation (job):paramedic

can you tell me about your self?

hey, I'm Milo Lime and I am 20 years old and I'm a paramedic! I think Joe Biden has loads more good intenchens, so does Doland Trump but i like what Joe Biden would love to do to Americ.

What matters to you in the upcoming election?

What matter to me is education and mental health because I would love to see people be them selfs and to be happy, and to have children get what they need at School

How many electoral votes in the state you live in worth?

Well I live in California, I'm sure my state is worth 55 electoral votes so I'm confident! As we are a Joe Biden state which is lucky. It's worth me voting so ill be heard and all my friends think Joe Biden has quite good ways of making American great once again!!!!

who does your state usually vote?

Our state usually for the Democrats (Joe Biden) I was thinking when I moved here it would be a Donald Trump state when I found out I was amazed.

Who do u plan on voting for?

im planning on voting for Joe Biden because he has on his plan he will take care of climet change and good education for children that they need witch is good for mental health!

NOT powerful--------------------X-----VERY powerfull

My opinion:

I think that the way America votes is very confusing and... it would be so much easer if we did it the way the British people do is So more practical because they do a popular Vote And the way british people do it is very fair because everyone's votes gets seen!

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