Anita McBride talks to us about working for three presidents!

We were so excited to put your questions to Anita McBride who has served as Chief of Staff to First Lady Laura Bush, assistant to President George W. Bush, and Director of White House Personnel under President H.W. Bush and President Ronald Reagan!

Anita now works at the American University in Washington, D.C and also she directs programming and national conferences on the legacies of America’s first ladies (the First Ladies Initiative). Anita also co-founded the RAND African First Ladies Initiative and Fellowship program, partnering with Africa’s first ladies to champion change for health and education, and to train their staff and advisors. Just before our interview, Anita was awarded the Order of Merit of The Italian Republic - the country's highest civilian honour! We will let Anita introduce herself and get straight to your questions...

What does a first lady do?
buzzing_morning, Braiswick Primary School

Which events stood out from the time you worked at The White House?
selfassured_journalist, Manor Park Primary Academy

Working on the visit of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth to the United States was one of the most memorable events... we wanted everything to go well and we were very relieved when it was completed because it was perfect in every way

Anita McBride on welcoming the Queen to The White House

What was the most influential thing you did at The White House?
careful_science, Faringdon Community College

I think it's really important for any person, whether you want to go into public service or want run for office yourself, to really understand what's going on in the news, and to look beyond social media to learn your news... I think it's important to really read, study hard and ask a lot of questions

Anita McBride on her advice for young people who want to get involved in government

Do you think Donald Trump getting covid-19 will affect the election?
dazzling_keyboard, Ditton Primary School

What was it like working under three different administrations? valuable_vegetable, Hammond Junior School
What do you do when you disagree with the president? thankful_bell, Manor Park Primary Academy

Bonus question: What does a president do when they leave office?

Bonus question: Why is it important to work together with those who disagree with you?

You have differences of opinion but you don't have to be enemies...serving in politics and public service is about a competition for ideas

Anita McBride on working with those who disagree with you

A final message from Anita McBride!

I'm sure you'll want to join us in thanking Anita McBride for her brilliant answers.

  • What's the most important thing you've learnt from Anita's answers?
  • What do you think could politicians learn from Anita's answers?

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