Issue 5 Thought Leader: Trump's Wall

27 June 2019

At the end of each Issue, we choose one Thought Leader. This is the Burnet News Club who contributed really well to the Hub discussions and used the BNC skills. They might have written interesting Final pieces, won lots of skills stars or written posts and comments that got other members thinking and talking about the Issue.

The Thought Leader for Trump's Wall: Borders and Migration, was Morley Newlands Academy! We have really enjoyed seeing how many students have joined in on the Hub and how much they have grown in confidence over the year. They're one of our youngest clubs (year 5) so we think it's excellent that they have got stuck into the comments and started discussing the BNC Issues and using the skills!

Here's a video of what they have been up to:

Hub highlights mag.jpg


At the end of each Issue, some of the best Hub posts are published in our Hub Highlights magazine. This topic was particularly exciting as our Burnet News Club Hub was joined by some guest schools from around the world, all taking part to form a Global Conversation. This magazine features writing from Napoleone Colajanni in Italy, Skellefteå in Sweden, as well as three of our English BNC schools: Streatham Wells Primary School, Noel Park Primary School and Highdown School.