Issue 5 Thought Leader: Extreme Weather

10 June 2020

We're delighted to announce that the Thought Leader for the Global Conversation Issue was Achimota Basic School, in Ghana.

What's a Thought Leader?

A Thought Leader is the club that we think have shown the best use of the BNC skills over the course of the Issue and really added to the quality of discussion on the Hub.

Why did Achimota Basic School win?

Achimota Basic School contributed a huge amount to the quality of discussion during this Issue on Extreme Weather. Several students took part and contributed over 800 comments between them - some feat! They wowed us all with in-depth final pieces, thought-provoking discussion starters and as the numbers suggest, enriched the conversation through their comments. We were also impressed by the quality of their questions for experts.

Hub highlights mag.jpg

Hub Highlights Magazine

After each Issue, we put together a magazine of Hub Highlights: a selection of some of the best posts and comments on the topic. Achimota Basic School are represented in there, but is someone from your school also featured? Read to find out!