Issue 4 Thought Leader: The Future of Health Care

19 April 2020

We are very happy to let you know that Hammond Junior School was Thought Leader for Issue 4: The Future of Health Care

What's a Thought Leader?

A Thought Leader is the club that we think have shown the best use of the BNC skills over the course of the Issue and really added to the quality of discussion on the Hub.

Why did Hammond win?

We loved seeing the contributions from Hammond, especially their Final Pieces that showed a wealth of excellent reasons and original thinking. It was especially difficult to finish off this topic due to schools closing, so we really admire their commitment to the club. Lots of classes at Hammond take part in the BNC and we thought that there was excellent effort from everyone.

What's the prize?

Usually the winning school receives a special visit from the BNC team. As this isn't possible at the moment, they'll receive a special video instead, with a fun game for them to try at home.

Hub highlights mag.jpg

Hub Highlights Magazine

After each Issue, we put together a magazine of Hub Highlights: a selection of some of the best posts and comments on the topic. Hammond are represented in there, but is someone from your school also featured? Read to find out!