Burnet News Club LIVE 2019

01 February 2019
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Should a university city defend open debate or protect their community from harm?

This year, the story took place in the fictional city of Briford, where Alistair Stewart presented the quickly developing, 'Briford News'. The top story was that Briford University was under fire for inviting a controversial author to debate the argument made in her latest book. The invitation had outraged students and the public alike, so the university proposed that a vote should be held in order to decide the best course of action.

Burnet News Club members were tasked with casting their own votes on this issue. To help decide, they heard different views from people in Briford, which were based on interviews with real people in similar situations. They worked together in the classroom and online to debate the perspectives, before making key decisions. They participated in polls and made choices that affected the story, before casting a final vote.

The event took place on a bespoke online event platform, where student journalists reported the action live.


I have learnt that we should listen to other people's opinions as they do matter because if we do not listen to other people's opinions, there won't be any democracy.

New Horizons Children's Academy

This will undoubtedly have a profoundly positive impact on students, building confidence and scepticism in their studies and life.

Teacher, The Farnley Academy
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