Burnet News Club LIVE 2019

01 February 2019

As a university town looks forward to a talk from an expert speaker, it’s discovered that they have expressed some controversial views in the past. Should they still be allowed to speak?

The Burnet News Club will help a group of local people to decide. Should they defend open debate or protect their community from abusive speech?

On the day, a series of fictional films will be streamed into all Burnet News Club classrooms at the same time. The films will introduce characters facing an important decision. The characters will share opinions based on real experiences and perspectives: they are based on interviews with real people.

After seeing each of the films, teachers in participating classrooms across the UK will lead interactive activities to help their students to challenge and explore the arguments put forward. Students will use the online event platform to discuss their ideas with other participating schools. Through the online platform they will make choices that will affect the story and help them to explore different points of view.

At the end of the day, students will take all they’ve discussed into account, and make a big choice. They will take part in a UK-wide vote to decide for the town. Tune in on the day to see what they choose.

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