Burnet News Club LIVE 2018

02 February 2018
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One day. One big issue. All Burnet News Club schools. Burnet News Club Live is an interactive one-day event that brings together Burnet News Club schools across the UK to discuss an issue and make a big decision.

On the day, a series of fictional films will be streamed into all Burnet News Club classrooms at the same time. The films introduce characters facing an important decision connected to a major news issue.

After seeing each of the films, Burnet News Club students take part in interactive activities in their classroom, led by their teacher, to challenge and explore what the heard.

They use the online event Hub to share and discuss their ideas with all the other participating schools.

Throughout the day, students make choices, choose-your-own-adventure-style, about what should happen next with the characters. Through the films, activities and choices that they make, young Burnet News Club members will form their opinions on the relevant news issue.

At the end of the day, the Burnet News Club is invited to take all they’ve discussed into account and make a choice. Through a UK-wide vote, the choice is made, and the students discuss the outcome on the characters.

I think today was amazing! I have learnt how to be more open-minded by taking in so many examples of different opinions on the immigration vote. This has helped me because I am so used to thinking one thing, not having much evidence and then defending it but now I have learnt to put myself in other people’s shoes and then if my opinion is still the same I have the evidence to support it. I loved how the BNC helped us improve our skills by putting a vote in our hands and giving us all the evidence we need.

Graveney School


The making of BNC LIVE

We have been discussing the pros and cons of immigration in Seabourne. We understand that there might be pressure on doctors, housing and maybe even an increase in crime rates, but we also understand that there might be very useful and intelligent immigrants to help the area to develop. There might also be a broader culture because of their presence and the friendly environment might help with increasing tourism.

Malcolm Arnold Academy