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Water is life and when water is too little because of global warming and climate change, there... Droughts: How Does It Affect People, Animals And Their Homes? 04/5/20
I think all are important for journalism and it depends on the type of task you are doing in... #35 - Skills for success 11/5/20
i am from Gaza and I love Gaza because people are kind and helpful and I love walking by the beach . Welcome to Issue 5: the Global Conversation 28/4/20
Image two was a heart breaking one. I was following sadly the news of the fires in the... Session 5: Preparing a speech 22/5/20
I have learned something important after watching a video about how to deal with fake and... #34 - Global Connections 02/5/20
The headline that captured my interest was from the Independent website: WHY WE SHOULD BE... #36 - Head to headlines 20/5/20
I think this is related to the heatwaves which is one of the consequences of global warming. If... Australian Bush Fire Season 02/5/20
You are pen minded when you are ready to listen to and appreciate views and that are different... Personality quiz! Which skill are you? 02/5/20
I think we can all contribute to reduce pollution with simple actions like reducing the amount... Australian Bush Fire Season 15/5/20
It is and it is not easy to form a good deep question. #33 - Ask the author! 28/4/20
Í think this project can be started as a school initiative. I proposed the idea and my teacher... Can we make a difference by acting locally? 21/5/20
Every cloud has its silver lining. Covid 19 was a dark cloud and we are all sad to lose many... #37 - One change to keep 28/5/20
My question is: How do you view the world in 20 years from now?I ask this question because I am... #33 - Ask the author! 25/4/20
As for the corona virus, I think international organisations like the WHo can force countries to... Session 4: Making adaptations 16/5/20
I think my classmates and I with the help of out teacher can do a lot.We can launch a project... Can we make a difference by acting locally? 20/5/20
Hello all. I'm helpful_Guitar from Gaza Palestine. I love my country because it is the land of... Welcome to Issue 5: the Global Conversation 17/5/20
I think that the globe as a planet is affected by the extreme weather in a way or another. For... Is everyone equally affected by extreme weather? 11/5/20
I think this means the harmful effects of climate change. Global warming will cause ice to melt... Session 4: Making adaptations 15/5/20
I partly agree with you. Immediate actions to respond to an extreme weather action is very... Thinking Questions from Session 3 17/5/20
To be an open minded person is to be ready and willing to listen to others who have different views. Personality quiz! Which skill are you? 02/5/20
Firstly, I think that we can judge the effectiveness of an adaptation based on its impact and on... Session 4: Making adaptations 16/5/20
Art is a wide theme that includes all the creative ways we express ourselves through. Through... #38 - Hundred Word Challenge 01/6/20
Im a reasoning kind of people. I like to justify my responses and I usually ask lots of questions Personality quiz! Which skill are you? 02/5/20
I think if every individual adopts the Rs strategy, we can make a difference. To reduce the... Session 4: Making adaptations 15/5/20
The title I give to the above picture is glowing through cracks because it reminds me of the... #32 - Give it a title! 21/4/20