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Because some people want to leave the European Union so we took a vote on if they wanted to stay... Brexit or Bray? (Will Britain exit or stay?) 21/5/21
tree's are important and without them we cannot survive,good that you are looking out for them :) Trees 21/5/21
I strongly agree with the point about the cases of anorexia and other eating disorders rising in... What could future illnesses be for the world ? 21/5/21
Thanks for the great read it was lovely to read about people's opinions on covid-19 Was Covid The Epiphany We Needed 21/5/21
Brilliant points, this has made me think that the pandemic wasn't all bad after all. I think... Do you think the pandemic has had a good impact or bad impact on climate change? 21/5/21
Hello! I like that you've brought up the issue that leaders don't care about the problem of... WHY DON'T LEADERS CARE OF THE GLOBAL WARMING? 21/5/21
lovely ideas, and with a lot of meaning behind them. Trees 21/5/21
at the minute we have coronavirus so its harder but as soon as restrictions are over we should... Our planet, our lives 21/5/21
Good points.Really interesting.You are right the media can sometimes bend the truth to make it... How Much Power Does the Media Have? 21/5/21
Yes. Sincerly, genuine_drum. Brexit or Bray? (Will Britain exit or stay?) 21/5/21
Yes I agree with you but we have to remember that the covid 19 precautions have been put in... Are people overreacting about the Corana virus? 21/5/21
good work :) what will happen when we bring back greener 21/5/21
i agree but how can we build back greener, i feel we should respect the vedgtables and the... Our planet, our lives 21/5/21
You've noted very valid points on how you'd be a great leader, and I think you'd make good... What would I do if I were a leader? 21/5/21
This is a very good post I really like all your ideas about things!😀😀 What would I do if I were a leader? 21/5/21
I agree P.S: Great comment!!! Why should people work? 21/5/21
I totally agree with this however I feel like there is a bigger problem with pollution in the... Fresh food = Healthy life 21/5/21
Banksy's art should not have been washed away,he is only doing it for art and good... Should Banksy's artworks have been washed away? 21/5/21
I completely agree with this comment hopeful_city, and I really enjoyed reading it. I do think... Art-for everyone. 21/5/21