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yes #6 Poll - Winners Announced! 14/10/19
I like how you used i love britis rules i hait china rules imaging yourself as someone in the... What is the Hong Kong crisis? 09/9/19
I believe that one country two system can't work because it is impossible for one country to do that. #6 Poll - Winners Announced! 11/10/19
I would like to ask Sophia Yan, a China correspondent for The Telegraph, a national British... Your chance to ask the experts! 23/9/19
hello, Sofia Yan can you make the news free for the day because poor people might not be able to... Your chance to ask the experts! 10/10/19
A promise is a mutual agreement between to or more people. However if one person is acting... Are there situations when it's OK to break a promise? 16/9/19
The man from a protests in your video said that he wanted british government to help hong kong... What is the Hong Kong crisis? 16/9/19
If i was in charge for the day i would be fair and let people vote on stories and send their own... #2 Editor for a Day Winners Announced! 16/9/19
I don't think it is fair because lots of the protest have turned violent through gases and other... Face mask is ban in Hong Kong 07/10/19
I would like to ask Man-Kei Tam, Hong Kong Director from human rights charity Amnesty... Your chance to ask the experts! 23/9/19
I like that you have research and recapping of the problem. It was explained very well. You... Is it okay to protest violently in Hong Kong ? 23/9/19
Imagine if you were made to leave your country over a disagreement, would that be fair? The... Should Citizens of Hong Kong Emigrate if they are in Danger of Dying? 07/10/19
I am skeptical about C "The situation in Hong Kong was always going to be like this. After the... #5 Questionable Quotes - Winners Announced! 07/10/19
I think picture b is the odd one out because it is the only one that isn't showing first hand... #3: Odd-One-Out - Winners Announced! 23/9/19
I wouldn't be happyfor them. Your chance to ask the experts! 10/10/19