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My advise to parents of younger children (aged 0-10) is that children don't really understand... Weekly Competition #15 20/12/18
I think picture A is the odd one out because it has one person but the other pictures have... Weekly Competition #4 03/10/18
This year I have loved learning about the financial crisis.I had the amazing opportunity to... Final competition 2018/19 15/7/19
I really liked this quiz because now the things I though I knew are wrong, but now I can work on... What have you learnt so far? Try our quiz! 04/10/18
Money matters to everyone because everyone uses it but also because it gives lots of people jobs... Weekly Competition #13 04/12/18
thank you for your opinion guys What do you think of Aung Sung Suu Kyi? 04/10/18
amazing statement thx for sharing your opinion What do you think of Aung Sung Suu Kyi? 05/10/18
i feel incomplete because the world should be equil but it isn't so this makes me realise that... Weekly Competition #3 27/9/18
People may think the weather is changing due to natural disasters such as hurricanes and wind... Weekly Competition #40 08/7/19
I think Prince Charles should on on the new bank note because at the moment he is just the... Weekly Competition #8 30/10/18
I think people should work together because two is greater than one , four is greater then... My experience of Bangladesh 04/10/18
Trump's Wall of Fame Weekly Competition #33 20/5/19
thanks for your comment What do you think of Aung Sung Suu Kyi? 04/10/18
This is a good idea! Money can buy lots of things but it depends on what makes you happy and... Is money all? 06/11/18
I think we should use our exsisting items as currency, we can barter with eachother, so that... Weekly Competition #9 06/11/18
people say that you should not get in other people's business but I am so glad that when I over... Weekly Competition #5 11/10/18