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Although it is not on the same street as the newsagents there is a cinema that is struggling... #12 - A street near you! 22/11/20
I have also realised that through lockdown it is good just to be surrounded by people! Why is it better for a team to work together? 19/11/20
My 10 jobs would be Police Firefighters PRESIDENT (you left that one out!) Governor... If there were only 10 jobs in the world , what would they be and which one would you choose ? 30/11/20
Thank you ( to the BNC and Debbie Marks ) for answering my question! Luxury events organiser Debbie Marks takes your questions! 27/11/20
I wonder when there will be so many shops that there will be no more room for any other shops. Why do we have different shops for the same items? 18/11/20
My robot would be called Dob. I would call it this because it is easy to remember. It would look... #10 - Design a robot! 09/11/20
Maybe the robot could advise the doctor if it thinks it is wrong. In desperate need of help... What jobs should robots never replace? 07/12/20
This is very good! I have heard that some doctors are being replaced by robots as well(if I was... How could robots change the world of work? 06/11/20
Your example of no one working and everyone growing their own crops is kind of a job without... What will happen if we don't work? 24/11/20
I think people should be paid the same when they work the same amount of time and put the same... Should everybody be paid the same? 16/11/20
I definitely agree! What jobs should robots never replace? 04/12/20
I could learn lots of maths and science and practice walking underwater!( apparently that is... #11 - You're hired! 14/11/20
I wouldn’t say that the president queen or king is the MOST important job as if you didn’t have... Work 11/11/20
I would like to ask Debbie Marks if she think weddings will still be the same. I would also like... Ask an expert! 13/11/20
Just next to my train station ( which is also having problems because you are not supposed to be... #12 - A street near you! 20/11/20
I think by that time they might be making them on the moon! Why do we have different shops for the same items? 19/11/20
This is absolutely the wrong thing to do ( I say ). People like firefighters and policeman ( or... Your view: public sector pay rises? 26/11/20
I like the idea of remote working more than automation because imagine if you were eating... The future of work 14/12/20
Maybe a robot could replace the hairdressers but it is too risky for them to replace opticians... What jobs should robots never replace? 04/12/20
I mean that if all the robots do human work, such as growing crops, building houses and... How could robots change the world of work? 07/11/20
I got 10/10. I found the marmite tasting one really interesting because I only submitted it as a... The Fun Work Quiz! 07/11/20
Good point. This is far more efficient than humans as they are quicker at working out the numbers. What jobs might there be in the future? 01/12/20
I would like to be an astronaut when I am older because I would love to work in the ISS. I would... #11 - You're hired! 13/11/20
I think there should be two robots in a factory/company. One would be there to make the product... Do robots live up to human expectations? 14/11/20
Yes; but if it made a mistake it would know and learn from it, however a malfunctioned robot... The future of work 15/12/20
It is definitely not fair at all! Woman are just as capable and important as men men in all jobs. Jobs of our time 23/11/20
Definitely! Lots of jobs have changed importance. For example, if gladiators didn’t win a battle... Work 17/11/20
When I am older, I would like to be a astronaut so I would have to do a lot of problem solving... #14 - Star skill! 04/12/20
I think a rich country should give a different amount of vaccines to poorer countries depending... #26 A fair share? 15/3/21
I agree. People might be completely replaced by robots (automation). Although I would hope not... What jobs might there be in the future? 03/12/20
Even though I am a boy I still think this should be illegal! Men and women should have equal... Why don't women have the same pay wage as men? 12/11/20