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i dont know why women get less money but women and men should get the same amount of money with... Why don't women have the same pay wage as men? 30/11/20
well robots could just mess up because once a robot was making something and then thought the... Do robots live up to human expectations? 30/11/20
well if you have the same job then you should get the same amount of money because some women... Should everybody be paid the same? 30/11/20
i would choose the jobs that wise_rainforest said because they are useful for other people If there were only 10 jobs in the world , what would they be and which one would you choose ? 30/11/20
i agree with you accomplished_reality because one shop could have badder items than another... Why do we have different shops for the same items? 30/11/20
if we dont work then we would not have any money for food or any applies we need but if you are... What will happen if we don't work? 30/11/20
bright_independence that would be a smart idea but what if robots make a mistake? Interview 30/11/20