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Sorry my comment is under the deadline... #10 - Design a robot! 07/11/20
Hi observant_eagle! I loved your post and had a fun time reading it. When you say that nurses... What do you think is the most important job during COVID and and why? 27/11/20
My robot is called Magician 1.0 It's job is to do magic tricks on stage (is that even a... #10 - Design a robot! 07/11/20
Well done guys!!! Thought Leader announced and read the Hub Highlights! 23/12/20
Wooo! Well Done guys you must be so happy! Issue 1 Thought Leader Announced! 14/11/20
Thanks for giving your opinion easygoing_clarinet! What will happen if we don't work? 02/12/20
I feel that robots won't be like humans because all they really are is a piece of metal with... Do robots live up to human expectations? 14/11/20
The fact I found most interesting was how they paid people with beer because I thought that they... The Fun Work Quiz! 06/11/20
Wow this post was amazing! I know a lot more about work now! Thank you! All about Work 06/11/20
My Question is for Dion McKenzie: Would you be happy if technology took over lots of jobs in the future? Ask an expert! 14/11/20
Compulsory means that you have to do it because it is in the law or someone super powerful has... Should work be compulsory? 10/12/20
Wow this was a very detailed post and I really enjoyed reading it! My opinion: I think people... Should people work permanently, or simply part-time? 27/11/20
Thanks Tom! I can't wait to earn more stars! How to win Skill Stars on the Hub! 06/11/20
Thank you Olivia! I am new here so this was a lot of help! How to get started on the Hub 06/11/20
When I'm older I wan't to be a Ballet Dancer because I love dancing and I like watching it... #11 - You're hired! 14/11/20
I actually didn't think of it that way it is kinda a job! What will happen if we don't work? 27/11/20
Hi trusting_dragonfly here! In my entry I am going to give a small reason on why each skill will... #14 - Star skill! 10/12/20
Hi Trusting_DragonFly here! This is my competition entry. Job name: Christmas party... #16 - Festive job vacancy! 23/12/20
Thanks for sharing your opinion bold_yuzu! What will happen if we don't work? 04/12/20
I would be a dancer because I really enjoy dancing and I could then earn money and enjoy what I... If there were only 10 jobs in the world , what would they be and which one would you choose ? 04/12/20
In my street there is a Garage, a Ballet Shop and a Fish and Chips Shop. I think the Ballet... #12 - A street near you! 21/11/20
I think that there actually wouldn't be anything to make sure that all the products would be... Should work be compulsory? 10/12/20
Thank you for giving your opinion on my post observant_eagle! What will happen if we don't work? 27/11/20
Thanks so much for giving your opinion unique_tiger! I can see you spent a lot of time on this comment! What will happen if we don't work? 02/12/20
No problem I am happy to answer any questions you have. Should work be compulsory? 12/12/20
I would like to ask Debbie Marks. How long did it take for you to get your book published? How... Ask an expert! 06/11/20
I don't think it is fair because you might train for ages to get a job and then only get a small... Does every job deserve the same amount of money 07/11/20
Jobs are important because you earn money. Also we need jobs to teach children and make sure... Why jobs are important? 06/11/20
In my opinion I would say that kindness is the most important thing in a job because you have to... What's most important in a job? 06/11/20
So people get food, clothes, water, houses and money from the bank. Why jobs are important? 06/11/20
The only way I could think to get around it is that adults could teach the children at home if... What will happen if we don't work? 27/11/20