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The robot makes delicious doughnuts and can make food at the speed of light and its name is Travis Scott #10 - Design a robot! 06/11/20
I do not think humans should be replaced by robots because robots could make even more mistakes... Humans VS Robots: Which is better for work? 10/11/20
it could give you good advice and won't make mistakes. #10 - Design a robot! 06/11/20
when i am older i want to be a dentist because i could help other people take care off their teeth. #11 - You're hired! 15/11/20
a street near me is tithepit shaw lane . the shop thread bear closed down , due to the pandemic... #12 - A street near you! 22/11/20
I think this will be great! #10 - Design a robot! 06/11/20
I think also i would not panic if they had a rotten tooth #11 - You're hired! 15/11/20