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My dream job is to be a history teacher. History is my favourite subject and I love finding out... #11 - You're hired! 15/11/20
I don't think the world's population could live peacefully without some form of money. In... What would happen if we didn't use money in the world? 23/11/20
I think robots are a real advantage working in nuclear power stations handling nuclear waste as... How could robots change the world of work? 09/11/20
I like this post because it shows we do need money from a job that might not be the best to have... Why jobs are important? 06/11/20
My robot would be called Teabot 1. It's main purpose would be to wake me up in the morning with... #10 - Design a robot! 09/11/20
The three business's I have chosen are the chemist, the barbers and the post office. During the... #12 - A street near you! 25/11/20
A world without jobs is a frightening place. With no jobs people won't have money, with no money... What Would Happen if There Were No Jobs Left? 14/11/20