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now I feel like I really can achieve anything thnks for the insparation Kike Oniwinde speaks to the BNC! 01/12/20
I got 18 out of 24 Take our future of work knowledge quiz! 01/12/20
i think that no jobs should ever be replaced by a robot unless of certain need because people... What jobs should robots never replace? 09/12/20
I want to be a jeweler when i'm older because if you do all the mining theres your workout for... #11 - You're hired! 19/11/20
Gig Economy will help to , Fight viruses ( such as Covid 19 ) and Help people in need . ( they... Session two: changing workforce 10/11/20
I liked all the questions but i was really shocked when the robot thought the hand was ham ! The Fun Work Quiz! 10/11/20
I cant really decide , I think that right now we need doctors the most but also university /... What's most important in a job? 15/11/20
step 1 doctor nurse policeman/woman jeweler teacher financial anylist astronaut Session one: what is work? 15/11/20
Well I agree and disagree , the robots could help but they could be programmed wrong and they... Could robots help the environment during Covid-19 and will they be useful 10/11/20
to me it means hapiness and joy like you cant be sad What Does Success Mean to You? 15/11/20
Thanks How to win Skill Stars on the Hub! 10/11/20
10/10 The Fun Work Quiz! 10/11/20
A pyramid builder is one . I dont think we should bring them back because by the time egypt will... #13 - Extinct jobs 01/12/20
10/10 The Fun Work Quiz! 15/11/20
people might get jobs as doctors Session two: changing workforce 15/11/20