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I personally think that the cause of space exploration is when we get closer to things we can... What have we actually gained from space exploration? Has it gone too far? 23/3/20
Yes because every planet is different so mars might have oxygen where as jupiter might be a... Your chance to ask a space expert! 13/12/19
Chris Hadfield, Have u ever had an urge or a feeling to explore space without your space suit... Your chance to ask a space expert! 13/12/19
How long can a earthquake last for? UPDATED advice for Global Conversation students - please read! 04/5/20
I think we will need 1 person with food and water to build a little shed, a bed in the shed and... If we find other planets with life, should we colonise them? 20/4/20
I like it because i don’t have to wake up really early but I also don’t like it because I cant... What's it like to learn from home? 20/4/20
I would choose the person who trains everybody to learn their jobs as they are th e most helpful... #14 - Space Job Skills - Winners Announced! 10/12/19
Today the weather is sunny and a little windy Session 1: Introduction 22/4/20