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The reason I said this is because the Earth is being treated bad by humans and is broken very easy #34 Caption this! 07/5/21
If I was a leader I would create a plan for other countries to follow to help stop global warming What would I do if I were a leader? 27/5/21
The Earth need to be protected and is very delicate #34 Caption this! 07/5/21
The reason waste is harmful is because plastic for instance is harmful for global warming and... How can waste be harmful to the environment? 07/5/21
if I had to pick I would become a environmental biologist to work in the rain forest to ... #36 Work for the world! 27/5/21
I think if climate change made things very cold then it would slow down Covid but really nothing... What climate change has done to COVID-19 and what COVID-19 have done to climate change! 07/5/21