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I agree with you CAT group | Week 3 Cluster Conversation 09/5/21
How could were someone lives affect their opinion about building back greener? ... CAT group | Week 3 Cluster Conversation 04/5/21
I want to invent a waste management robot that will pick waste faster for recycling . Because,... #33 Invention test! 02/5/21
Where I live in Kaduna, Nigeria we are vulnerable to climate change. The changing environment is... Find week your WEEK 6 Cluster Conversation! 20/4/21
Art is a language of emotions it speaks to the heart and mind ,therfore art is a international... CAT group | Week 5 Cluster Conversation 20/5/21
" Our earth is destroyed by our hands" The background shows a deserted land with no habitants... #34 Caption this! 11/5/21
wow #36 Work for the world! 24/5/21
yes CAT group | Week 3 Cluster Conversation 05/5/21
F ocusing on tommorow R ebuilding our desires E very minute and second S earching for... #32 A fresh start! 25/4/21