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Racism is meant to be ILLIGAL black people do not deserve this were all human beings right? we... Learn more about the Black Lives Matter movement 09/11/20
Hello bright_independence how I knew about this is from either a news report or something else I... #17 Report back! 14/1/21
My question is for Natasha Mae Sayliss How does it feel to be part of many peoples lives? Ask an expert! 06/11/20
I got 5 questions wrong,I hope 19 is a good score! Take our future of work knowledge quiz! 04/12/20
What do you hope to achieve by making sexuality a political issue? I ask this because for... #18 Don't miss out! 22/1/21
As a young person I believe the most important thing in a job is the money because if we don't... What's most important in a job? 06/11/20
I want to ask if one of the players have coronavirus, would the game still be on with out that... What's it like to run a football club during the pandemic? 24/11/20
My question is too Kajal Odedra and my questions is As an author and as an activist has it been... Have a questions about protest? Ask an expert! 07/1/21
A job that no longer exists from the past 20 years is a 'human alarm clock'.This is a human who... #13 - Extinct jobs 27/11/20
I would like to ask Kajal Odera about, how does it feel to be a author and a protester? And if... Have a questions about protest? Ask an expert! 12/1/21
I Got 10/10! what surprised me where the milk cannons! The Fun Protest Quiz! 07/1/21
Uh ok so I dont really have an idea BNC because as desicive_lion said A.N.T.I.D.O.T.E I also had... #19 Burnet Book Club! 26/1/21
Another question form me for Debbie Marks is How Successful And Proud Have You Felt While... Ask an expert! 10/11/20
I agree Creative_Moth because this happened a few weeks ago. :( Learn more about the Black Lives Matter movement 10/11/20
I told my cousins in school that on how many jobs robots are estimated to take over by 2030, it... #15 - Spread the news! 17/12/20
Now I think protests are good to speak from heart. #23 Ten or less! 22/2/21
JOB TITLE: FESTIVE PARTY PLANNER Your job will be to organise and conceive a festive party for... #16 - Festive job vacancy! 24/12/20
Thank you! Should all types of protest be allowed? 14/1/21
Be careful and stay safe corteous_glacier #12 - A street near you! 23/11/20
I got 10/10 I surprised myself there to haha The Fun Work Quiz! 05/11/20
Why did us whites enslave blacks from South-Africa :( IT FEELS SO HORRENDOUS AND DISAPPOINTING... Learn more about the Black Lives Matter movement 09/11/20
Hello! I accidentaly posted my entry which wasIs it just me or have I seen all of these... #17 Report back! 13/1/21
A street near me is 'Green Street' On this street lots of parades happen.This means this... #12 - A street near you! 22/11/20
My dream job is a game desighner,i am very interested in computing and i also know how to make... #11 - You're hired! 16/11/20
Hey guys im not sure everyone knew but Donald Trump was mad reporters captured and witnessed him... Protestors attack the US Capitol, and President Biden inaugurated! 10/11/20
Im Interested so I have many ideas for different things! Idea 1-Jacob Or Jessie,Police... #10 - Design a robot! 06/11/20
Ok but my head will burst of creativity in the next competition! #10 - Design a robot! 06/11/20
My Comment is second O_O o-o :D UwU IM SO HAPPYYYY Im sharing this news with my school Cafe owner Natasha Sayliss answers your questions! 21/11/20
I think in the future the most important skill would be 'Creativity,'because if we have no... #14 - Star skill! 07/12/20
Is it just me or have I seen all of these protests... Anyway!The George Floyd protests began... #17 Report back! 11/1/21
Working all day all night everyday Or commencing to battle mode to save the day Reconnecting... #9 - Acrostic Poem 05/11/20
I didn't realised they were copied, sorry I just scrolled down to make my own the I thought of those. Have a questions about protest? Ask an expert! 07/1/21
I believe in all except strike because if the business workers get paid 100 a month then soon... Should all types of protest be allowed? 07/1/21