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As you want to help Australia, in our school we to are trying to raise money to help the people... WHAT DECISIONS WOULD YOU MAKE IF YOU WERE PRIME MINISTER!!! 17/1/20
If I were to send a message to space it would be why people like to study it so much.I think... #12 - Message in a Rocket - Winners Announced! 24/11/19
Thank you so much for those answers about space for the fact that I have learnt more about... Astronaut Chris Hadfield answers YOUR questions! 13/11/19
I would describe space as 1)facinating 2)stunning 3)magestic I chose those three words... #8 - Three Words And Why 29/10/19
I strongly disagree with statement A. My first reason is that every individual in this world... #5 Questionable Quotes - Winners Announced! 09/10/19
The vote was about if England should leave the EU. I think 🤔 this vote is indirect democracy... Weekly Competition #28 02/4/19
I agree because we can't tell the futere MAKE BANKS SAFER! (Final Piece) 12/2/19
I agree because its your life that depends on money only because its lovely to have feelings for... Weekly Competition #15 19/12/18
I agree with you because there is no right or wrong answer that the financial crisis would restart again MAKE BANKS SAFER! (Final Piece) 19/12/18
Sorry if you did miss it but i did have slogan if you look at the BOLD writing you will find it. MAKE BANKS SAFER! (Final Piece) 19/12/18
sorry I'll try and maybe write in ink so that you can all see next time. Sorry once more MAKE BANKS SAFER! (Final Piece) 19/12/18
I agree with you because banks should think about when they lend money to a borrower who is... MAKE BANKS SAFER! (Final Piece) 12/12/18
All banks lend money but could you ever trust them hopefully you can Weekly Competition #14 11/12/18
Do you think there are any reasons that the financial crisis would happen again why/whynot Economist Journalist gets back to the BNC! 04/12/18
If i had 100,ooopounds i would have a business that donates to charity because i want to help... Weekly Competition #10 10/11/18
these are the QUESTION'S I would like to know please may you answar these qeustions. ... Trouble in Bangladesh! 16/10/18
I agree with daring_sea because when someone's explaning something if you'd use actions they... Weekly Competition #6 16/10/18
I agree because sometimes it can be way more easy to understand actions than what you mean. Weekly Competition #6 16/10/18
I think that they should deafinatily donate money to Bangladesh because just think what the... Trouble in Bangladesh! 15/10/18
Now I am making a disagreement to myself I think picture A is the odd one out because I have... Weekly Competition #4 02/10/18
I think Raj should get a detention because even though Raj didn't mean to bump into Chyna he... The school trip 02/10/18
I think picture B is the odd one out because it looks very cold. And in Myanmar it looks realy... Weekly Competition #4 29/9/18
I would give the man with the broken leg a seat because he would need lots of rest since its the... Who got your seat? 27/9/18