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I find the 4th fact the most interesting because 11.2 million is a lot and a painting was hidden... #28 One can win! 29/3/21
I think numbers (on a scale of 1-20) should get 6.5.This is because numbers have pros and... #29 Share and compare 01/4/21
I pick the 79% one.This is because if you spread fake news or untrue stories then people can get... #27 Pick a side! 22/3/21
I think some richer countries should give 15%.This is because I think 5% is to less and 20% is... #26 A fair share? 15/3/21
For Natasha Lodger How do you deal with people that say your information is fake?and they accuse you Ask an infodemic expert! 23/3/21
A positive story I heard is that lockdown measures have relaxed and that schools have now opened. #25 The other 10% 09/3/21
When I grow up I want to be an astrophysicist.This is because I love learning about space and I... #11 - You're hired! 16/11/20
I took the skill test and I discovered that the problem-solving skill comes naturally to me,I... #37 Skill quiz! 01/6/21
I watched Alexsandra’s 2nd video where she answers the question of ‘why do people spread fake... #30 Expert knowledge! 12/4/21
Thank you for answering me Kajal Odedra answers your questions! 29/1/21
Like reasoning honeydew said I want to say this topic is not being discussed about... Stereotypes with jobs 10/11/20
Protests are a way that people can express their emotions. #23 Ten or less! 26/2/21
I think Option C is the most agreeable because if we don’t do this then people will not be able... #39 Pick one! 17/6/21
When people spread fake news,do the others always believe them? Ask an infodemic expert! 26/2/21
I would make a robot called Helpy hand It would help in hospitals and surgeries. First I would... #10 - Design a robot! 10/11/20
ros as well.They help us to get an exact amount of something and help us. #29 Share and compare 01/4/21
If she has had a lot of video-games then that means she is maybe gaining weight as she is now... How can we tell if we've had too much of something? 26/2/21
I think the most important is people this is because we are people,we destroy the earth but some... #20 Ranking reasons 02/2/21
An important number to me is the number 8 because it told us when we were coming back to... #24 Numbers in the news! 01/3/21
I think that Peter Tatchell was super inspiring because at a very young age he started... #21 Inspirer of the Issue! 08/2/21
I got 20/23 The Protest Knowledge Quiz! 08/2/21
Something I want to say about racism is that many people do it,without even knowing it.E.g. You... Learn more about the Black Lives Matter movement 10/11/20
My questions to Kajal Odedra and Robin Boardman is do you think all protests are good and as per... Have a questions about protest? Ask an expert! 07/1/21
I have completed it and so has spectacular_language.It was very fun. Win a star by taking the End of Year Survey! 07/7/21