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(edited previous comment) I would be a NASA space scientist, this would use scepticism because... #14 - Space Job Skills - Winners Announced! 07/12/19
I personally think rocket launches will make climate change worse and if it were to fail there... Can space exploration be environmentally friendly? 06/12/19
I personally think we should, focus on climate change since it sounds silly that we are... Climate Change vs Space Travel-What Should We Focus On? 04/12/19
I think the rocket incident with the top blowing off is not a failure but a mistake. The rocket... SpaceX - Private company 04/12/19
(edited) Returning samples from Mars. However, what if they have certain materials or acids that... #13- Breaking News Reaction - Winners Announced! 29/11/19
I got 15/20 Test your knowledge with our Space Issue quiz! 28/11/19
A few days ago there was a debate between the public and the party leaders. As we've seen Jo... Special post: General Election results! 28/11/19
Animals should not be allowed into space. Firstly, I think this because it would be animal... Should animals be allowed in space? 27/11/19
We should focus on climate change due to the fact charismatic_cherry stated that if we do not... Climate change or space travel? 27/11/19
(edited) Great post grateful_seahorse, I would agree to many of your points but I think Trump is... Why does Trump want an army in space? 27/11/19
First of all, how and where would we stay our oxygen tanks wouldn't last that long so how would... Should there be holidays in space 26/11/19
How could the universe be polluted as we've seen the universe is infinite. However, I agree with... Pollution Problems 26/11/19
My question is, How do astronauts stay hydrated and have enough food supplies? Libby Jackson takes YOUR questions! 26/11/19
Following this, many side affects could happen and possibly affect our health such as the spine... The dangers of going to space 26/11/19
18 yrs old because our bodies would be fully developed and space side affects will not affect... Should there be an age limit on who can go up to space? 25/11/19
I think, there should be an age restrictions because there are certain things that could tinker... Should there be an age limit on who can go up to space? 22/11/19
I would send a picture of things on earth mainly humans and animals to help unidentified... #12 - Message in a Rocket - Winners Announced! 22/11/19
It is very unnecessary due to the fact there will be nothing to fight and no one to fight and... Trump's 'Space Force' 21/11/19
This is not a faliure due to the fact they are researching and are on to something. Also they... SpaceX Prototype "blows its top" - is it a failure? 21/11/19
I think it would be very possible due to NASA's recent discovery of water on Mars. In addition,... Are aliens real 20/11/19
One small step for NASA and one giant leap for Space research. I based my motto on the famous... #11 - Make a Motto for NASA 20/11/19
Following my previous comment, I think being in a multiverse is most certainly possible too. What is the universe expanding into? 20/11/19
The universe expands because of the fact time goes by and time exists because of black holes... What is the universe expanding into? 20/11/19
So does that mean as time passes by the universe is expanding and if we had a powerful enough... Journey to the edge of the universe... 20/11/19
one small step for NASA, one giant leap for earth research #11 - Make a Motto for NASA 18/11/19
I think space exploration is a great idea because NASA have been going in depth on space... Should Space Tourism be banned? 13/11/19
I think we could and could not inhabit Mars because Nasa hasn't fully explored it and due to the... #10 - Brain-stand! Winners Announced 11/11/19
Thank you for your positive feedback What is a black hole ? 08/11/19
It is a yes and a no from me since NASA hasn't fully explored it and due to the water on the... Mars habitation: is it possible? 07/11/19
I agree that robots should explore since we get the best view without being in danger and under... Humans vs robots: which should we use for space exploration? 07/11/19
We havent even explored our own worldfully yet, there are still many things for us to learn... It more important to make discoveries on Earth or in space? 07/11/19
An encyclopedia is a book which gives information about various things all over the world and... What is a black hole ? 07/11/19
It is dangerous because if you enter the event horizon there is a very high chance of you... What is a black hole ? 07/11/19
This a great idea. The idea of inhabiting Mars may not be right since we are not used to the... What can we do with space and what should we do? 07/11/19
Is it true that appollo 16 had found an extraterrestrial Your chance to ask a space expert! 06/11/19
15/15 Quiz time: How to use the Hub! 17/10/19
No, this will not work as we have seen the outcomes and how the Chinese government are acting as... #6 Poll - Winners Announced! 17/10/19
Great post I agree for most points. China seems to be ignoring the protests. I think China does... Hong Kong - a border line symbol 09/10/19
Good point. ABC of Hong Kong 05/10/19
How would we fix the problem? I would say it wouldn't be easy because it's causing violence and... ABC of Hong Kong 05/10/19
A lot of writing. But great points well done. What Should the People of Hong Kong do? 05/10/19
Amazing. Good rap that was absolutely amazing VIDEO: Hong Kong Rap 05/10/19
I got 17 out if 20 Quiz: Test your Hong Kong knowledge! 05/10/19
Thank you for your feedback What would having their basic rights back mean to the people of Hong Kong (edited) 05/10/19
Personally I think we should help but at the same time we shouldn't because China has the... Should we get involved in the Hong Kong crisis 03/10/19
In addition to my previous comment violent protesting can effect other people and their lives... When is it OK to protest violently? 03/10/19
I think no, because if it is necessary to protest they must but only a peaceful protest because... When is it OK to protest violently? 03/10/19
Great post. Hong Kong 03/10/19
Really good points and great ideas. What does the right to freedom mean in Hong Kong? 03/10/19
At this moment in time freedom would probably mean everything to the Hong Kong civilians and... What does the right to freedom mean in Hong Kong? 03/10/19
I think it is very wrong if an officer shoots a protester. This would only be acceptable if a... How significant were the events of 1st October? 03/10/19
I personally think we should not intervene especially since you said it could be possible to... Should Britain help Hong Kong? 03/10/19
From my club. You come isn't it. The HONG KONG crisis 29/9/19
Im only a year 6 age 11. And im using what i used from my after school club. The HONG KONG crisis 27/9/19
This is my first ever genuine blog and first ever blog ever. But thank you for your feedback. The HONG KONG crisis 27/9/19
I did do it by myself. I done it straight after I got home from my club. We had to memorise the... The HONG KONG crisis 27/9/19
really cool. Great points. BRITIAN SHOULD DO SOMETHING !!!! 26/9/19