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thank you for commenting on my post Hong kong's crisis! 07/11/19
A good leader helps their country in anyway possible and will try their best, it does not matter... What makes a good leader? 24/1/20
use your voice there is no right that does not say that you don't have the ability to talk so... Should people have the right to say whatever they want? 21/9/19
i agree Hong kong's crisis! 07/11/19
The Queen, because she rules over the whole of the UK. Also she is the first person we should respect. Who has more power: Boris Johnson or the Queen? 17/1/20
explore saturn's moons #11 - Make a Motto for NASA 21/11/19
i would say you can be made a criminal because what if you were born in a really nice family... ISSUE: Are Criminals BORN Or MADE ? 21/9/19
its possible ISSUE: Are Criminals BORN Or MADE ? 21/9/19
Thank you for the advice, i will try to make it better then before. The Sherwood School debate 4 17/1/20
I still can't believe what the answers are! Take our New Year quiz! 17/1/20
keep up the amazing work If you don't take part in a vote, should you still be intitled to a vote? 21/9/19